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Hi! I’m Sara-May!

I help aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners to plan, design, build and launch their websites, the right way.

For the last 9 years, I’ve been wrangling websites. First, as a hobbyist blogger, then a part-time professional blogger, and most recently as a work-at-home-mother of two, running multiple sites including a popular beauty blog, a large parenting community group and a number of client websites.

If there’s a mistake to be made in the world of WordPress and website design, I can guarantee you, I’ve probably made it. But I can also promise you, I’ve learned from every mistake that I’ve made, I’ve refined my process, and I now have a simple step-by-step formula I use for every site, to make sure the design and build runs seamlessly, and the end result is beautiful, functional, and converts like crazy.

You can hire me to do this for you, but imagine if I could show you, in the fastest, easiest way possible, how to do it for yourself? When you know how your website works, you can maintain it yourself, update it yourself, add or remove information as your business changes and all without having to pay a web designer or developer to make every change.

In my Digital Domination e-Course, we walk through this process together. You’ll be surprised at how easy building a website can be, when it’s broken down using my simple system.

Basically, I’ve made all the mistakes and learned from them, so you don’t have to!


Digital Domination e-Course

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of building your own website? You know that if you build your site yourself, you’ll have a better idea of how to maintain and update it in the future. However there’s so much information online about websites, it can be a complete mind-trip trying to figure it all out. Wouldn’t it be amazing if an expert could guide you through the process step-by-step? Wouldn’t it be even better if they guaranteed you’d have a launch-ready website at the end of 6 weeks?

If that sounds like you, you need my Digital Domination e-Course. I’ll guide you, step-by-step, through the process of planning, designing, building and optimising a website that converts visitors into customers and customers into RAVING FANS.

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Turn-key Website Packages

You’re a busy entrepreneur or small business owner, and you know you need a website. You like knowing a few basics, so you can keep your website up-to-date, but you’re too busy focussing on other things to learn the nitty-gritty of designing and building a website.

If that describes you, you need my Turn-key Website package. I’ll get to know you, your business and your needs. We’ll design your website together, using my formula that converts visitors into customers and customers into RAVING FANS. After we agree on a design, I’ll build you the website we planned. Of course, once I deliver your website, you’ll get a one-on-one training session (over Google Hangouts) so you know exactly how to maintain your website.

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